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Aiqiangwei French style short sleeve dress

Aiqiangwei French style short sleeve dress

SKU: LJ2499

Aiqiangwei 法式刺绣短袖连衣裙 (LJ2499)

聚酯纤维面料 (有内衬)


L:胸围96cm, 袖长27cm, 裙长115cm, 肩宽37cm, 腰围77-92cm

XL:胸围101cm,  袖长27.5cm, 裙长115.5cm, 肩宽 38.2cm, 腰围82-97cm

2XL:胸围106cm, 袖长28cm, 裙长116cm, 肩宽39.4cm, 腰围87-102cm

3XL:胸围111cm, 袖长28.5cm, 裙长116.5cm 肩宽40.6cm, 腰围92-107cm


Aiqiangwei French style short sleeve dress (LJ2499)

Polyester fabric (lined)


L: Bust 96cm, sleeve 27cm, length 115cm, shoulder width 37cm, waist 77-92cm

XL: Bust 101cm, sleeve 27.5cm, length 115.5cm, shoulder width 38.2cm, waist 82-97cm

2XL: Bust 106cm, sleeve 28cm, length 116cm, shoulder width 39.4cm, waist 87-102cm

3XL: Bust 111cm, sleeve 28.5cm, length 116.5cm, shoulder width 40.6cm, waist 92-107cm

  • Note:

    All measurements in cm. Please allow 1-3 cm differences in the measurements given due to different stretchable of the material and the way measurement is taken.

Color: beige
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