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Embroidery Long Sleeve Dress

Embroidery Long Sleeve Dress

SKU: LJ1005

刺绣镂空长袖连衣裙 (LJ1005) 

棉面料 (有内衬)


XL:胸围 106cm, 袖长50cm, 裙长110cm, 肩宽 38cm

2XL:胸围 112cm, 袖长51cm, 裙长111cm, 肩宽 40cm

3XL:胸围 118cm, 袖长52cm, 裙长112cm, 肩宽 42cm

4XL:胸围 124cm, 袖长 53cm, 裙长113cm, 肩宽 44cm

5XL:胸围 130cm, 袖长 54cm, 裙长114cm, 肩宽46cm


Embroidery Long Sleeve Dress (LJ1005)

Cotton fabric (with lined)


XL: Bust 106cm, Sleeve 50cm, Length 110cm, Shoulder 38cm

2XL: Bust 112cm, Sleeve 51cm, Length  111cm, Shoulder 40cm

3XL: Bust 118cm, Sleeve 52cm, Length 112cm, Shoulder 42cm

4XL: Bust 124cm, Sleeve 53cm, Length 113cm, Shoulder 44cm

5XL: Bust 130cm, Sleeve 54cm, Length 114cm, Shoulder 46cm

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