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Sinan French style premium skirt

Sinan French style premium skirt

SKU: LJ2895

司南法式高阶感西装外套马甲半身裙 (LJ2895)

87%涤纶11%亚麻2%氨纶面料 (卡其,浅绿和黑灰色)



S: 腰围61-71cm(后松紧), 裙长82cm, 臀围98cm

M: 腰围65-75cm(后松紧), 裙长83cm, 臀围102cm

L: 腰围69-79cm(后松紧), 裙长84cm, 臀围106cm


Sinan French style premium skirt (LJ2895)

87% polyester 11% linen 2% spandex fabric (khaki, light green and dark gray)



S: waist 61-71cm (elastic at the back), length 82cm, hip 98cm

M: waist 65-75cm (elastic at the back), length 83cm, Hips 102cm

L: Waist 69-79cm (elastic at the back), length 84cm, Hips 106cm

  • Note:

    All measurements in cm. Please 1-3 cm differences in the measurements given due to different stretchable of the material and the way measurement is taken.

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