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Sinan soft elastic straight cut jeans

Sinan soft elastic straight cut jeans

SKU: LJ2286

司南软弹包身直筒烟管牛仔裤 (LJ2286)



S: 腰围 62-67cm(有弹性), 裤长90cm, 臀围 82-87cm

M: 腰围 66-71cm(有弹性),裤长91cm, 臀围 86-91cm

L:  腰围 70-75cm,(有弹性),裤长92cm, 臀围 90-95cm

XL:  腰围 74-79cm(有弹性),裤长93cm, 臀围 94-99cm

2XL:  腰围 78-83cm(有弹性),裤长94cm, 臀围 98-103cm


Sinan soft elastic straight cut jeans (LJ2286)

Denim fabric


S: Waist 62-67cm (elastic), pants length 90cm, hips 82-87cm

M: Waist 66-71cm (elastic), pants length 91cm, hips 86-91cm

L: Waist 70-75cm, (elastic), pants length 92cm, hips 90-95cm

XL: Waist 74-79cm (elastic), pants length 93cm, hips 94-99cm

2XL: Waist 78-83cm (elastic), pants length 94cm, hips 98-103cm

  • Note:

    All measurements in cm. Please allow 1-3 cm differences in the measurements given due to different stretchable of the material and the way measurement is taken. 

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