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French Style Modern Denim Two-Piece Set

French Style Modern Denim Two-Piece Set

SKU: LJ1137

法式摩登牛仔上衣短裤两件套 (LJ1137)




S:胸围112cm, 袖长27cm, 衣长73cm, 

肩宽 49cm

M: 胸围116cm, 袖长27cm, 衣长74cm, 

肩宽 50cm

L: 胸围120cm, 袖长29cm, 衣长75cm, 

肩宽 51cm



S: 腰围 58-80cm, 裤长 34cm, 臀围 116cm

M: 腰围 62-84cm, 裤长 35cm, 臀围 120cm

L:  腰围 66-88cm, 裤长 36cm, 臀围 124cm


French Style Modern Denim Two-Piece Set (LJ1137)

denim cotton fabric



S: Bust 112cm, Sleeve 27cm, Length 73cm, Shoulder width 49cm

M: Bust 116cm, Sleeve 27cm, Length 74cm, Shoulder width 50cm

L: Bust 120cm, Sleeve 29cm, Length 75cm, Shoulder width 51cm



S: Waist 58-80cm, Length 34cm, Hips 116cm

M: Waist 62-84cm, Length 35cm, Hips 120cm

L: Waist 66-88cm, Length 36cm, Hips 124cm

  • Note:

    All measurements in cm. Please allow 1-3 cm differences in the measurements given due to different stretchable of the material and the way measurement is taken. 

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